Bridging The Gap

Hack4Hope’s mission is to create inroads create inroads to innovative careers for underserved youth in the St. Louis area. Hack4Hope provides STEAM educational opportunities and events to help heal the social and economic divisions of St. Louis, thereby offering youth a gateway to success.

The Hackathon

Phase One for our students is the Hack4Hope Hackathon weekend, where students are challenged to find a technology solution to a challenge problem related to improving their community.

The Academy

Phase 2 of the Hack4Hope experience is the Hack4Hope Academy.  The learning begun with the hackathon weekend continues with continuing technical and professional development courses, in-person mentoring, and an exclusive on-line community.

Hack4Hope is a joint project of    ITEN Logo   and  EdExCoSquare

Hack4Hope 2016 Will Be Held October 1st!

Are you a St. Louis area teen interested in technology but don’t know where to turn?


When: October 1st
8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Where: T-Rex
911 Washington Ave.

Cost:  FREE!

Hack4Hope will bring a group of St. Louis students together with mentors, business leaders, and technology experts for a fast-paced workshop. Students will realize their power to make an idea into a real technology product!

The hackathon helps prepare teens for innovative careers.  Attendance means membership in our Hack4Hope Academy—a network of young entrepreneurs who learn technology to succeed.  Hack4Hope Academy provides STEAM educational opportunities and events to help heal the social and economic divisions of St. Louis. Most of all, we’ll have fun!

She's Pivotal!

On June 9, 2016, Hack4Hope co-chaired the launch of:

She’s Pivotal:  Transforming Who’s Building The World’s Software

She’s Pivotal is a one-day event exploring exciting opportunities for today’s young women through real world stories and hands-on coding workshops. The event was sponsored by Pivotal in St. Louis. Special shout out to Parkway School District for our tech support! Visit She’s Pivotal and transform your world by clicking here.

Shes Pivotal Girls

Hack4Hope 2015 Highlights

The Hack4Hope 2015 Hackathon was an inspiring weekend for all!  Students and mentors alike had an incredible time throughout the Hack4Hope weekend experience.

Hack4Hope Sponsors

Our sponsors make the Hack4Hope programming possible!


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Community Partners

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Support Hack4Hope

Donate to Hack4Hope today!  Your funds go toward providing our students with programming, supplies, food, and more!

Get Involved!

Share your talents and become a Hack4Hope volunteer or mentor.


We set out to create a great weekend our mentors and students would love.  From an amazing venue to exciting special guests, mentors and students alike had a memorable weekend.  Here is what some of them are saying about Hack4Hope.

It was so much fun participating in the Hack4Hope. The best part was the youngest & smallest team of 3 won the biggest prize! My very own laptop so now I don’t have to borrow my Mom’s or argue with my brother to use. I made so many friends that I would have never probably hung around with. The Mentors were amazing & really treated us with respect & encouraged our collaboration. I hope I can do it again next year. It was like a mini weekend long summer camp & it was free! Thanks Hack4Hope!

Aiden / Hack4Hope Student

Being a mentor to the kids felt great. I remember being that age and know how positively impactful programs like Hack4Hope can be. It felt great being a part of that experience and someone the kids could look up to.

Mentor / Hack4Hope

This three day course has changed the way I look at the business world.  It isn’t as boring as the movies and TV shows make it out to be.  It’s actually pretty fun! 

Jalen / Hack4Hope Student

I learned that if given the opportunity, underserved youth can do some pretty amazing things. Programs like Hack4Hope give them that chance to shine and I hope it continues!

Mentor / Hack4Hope