The Hack4Hope Academy provides a road to success for underserved youth in the St. Louis area.

Pre-Hackathon Learning Opportunities

Before the Hack4Hope weekend Hackathon, our kids will participate in workshops to help them get the most out of the experience.  These workshops will include lessons in coding, creative design, marketing, business, and communication.


Hack4Hope Weekend

The Hack4Hope weekend Hackathon will provide a dynamic, challenging, and empowering environment for students to use the skills they have learned in the Pre-Hackathon sessions. Students will work in teams with experienced tech and business mentors to propose a solution to the Hackathon Challenge. At the end of the high-energy weekend, teams will present their final projects to a panel of judges, who will then name the winners of the Hackathon.


Hack4Hope Academy

Following the Hack4Hope weekend, a number of exciting opportunities will be available to the Hack4Hope participants and many more young people in St. Louis as we mentor the next generation of leaders.

Technical Devekopment

Professional Skills Development

Online Community

In-Person Meetings

Career Path Coaching and Placement