Hack4Hope 2015 Was a Tremendous Success!

View our Hack4Hope photo gallery to share in the experience!


Our Mentors

Carlos Tensely
Rick Proctor Sr., EMC
Alex Pearson, Claim Academy
Chris Busch, Pivotal
Dwayne Perry
Jacob Lingwall
Jeff Sexton, EMC/ITEN
Paul Tychsen
Wendall Layne, World Wide Technology
Megan Clark, EMC
Kathy Heffern, Giant Hat
Cleavie Lyerla-Figueroa, Junior Code Academy
Eleanor Higgins, E-Xcellence Consulting
Lauren Proctor, Panera
Michael Pederson, Junior Code Academy
Not Pictured: Sharath Sahadevan, Pivotal * Rick Proctor, Jr.


Our Judges

Jeff Sexton, EMC/ITEN * Dan Isom, Former St. Louis Police Chief * Derek Guardiola, Daugherty Business Solutions * Cindy Teasdale, Makeaboo * Jane Vancil, Duff & Phelps

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee

Elad Gross, Education Exchange Corps * Aimee Krummenacher, Organize411 * Linh Nguyen, ITEN * Nicole Franklin, Epiphany Inc. * Catherine Trau (Not Pictured)

Team Inspirationalists
Overall Winners

Mentors: Lauren Proctor, Paul Tychsen
Team: Aiden, Kayleigh, Jason

Project: Find Your Path (FYP)

Find Your Path is an app where kids learn for fun!
FYP gives customers/students tolls to learn about topics they are interested in and that support their career, while allowing them to enjoy free time, fun, and social media.

Team TechKnows
Winners, Best Concept

Mentors: Jacob Lingwall, Rick Proctor, Sr.
Team: Antonio, Micah, Janay, Jermond, Nickolaus

Project: Culture Shock

Diversity is more than race!
Culture Shock is a fair which takes place in physical and virtual space. It celebrates diversity and culture with educational events for the people of St. Louis to make the city a more inclusive community.  It includes an app to inform and guide people through the fair, and a website to explain it in more detail.

Team Buzz Keepers
Winners, Best Presentation

Mentors: Chris Busch, Eleanor Higgins, Kathy Heffern
Team: Tanisha, Erika, Asayah, Jasalyn

Project: Whatz-The-WorD

“Whatz-The-Word” is teen lingo for “What’s happening?”
It is an application for teens to find nearby activities.  Users receive text messages for preferred activities, and event organizers can advertise activities.  Local communities, schools, and other St. Louis activity information is collected for event lists.

Team C'Bamn

Mentors: Michael Pedersen, Cleavie Lyerla-Figueroa
Team: Nuriya, Mariyah, chastity, brandon, Aniya

Project: Bullying In St. Louis

Our purpose is to decrease the impact of bullying for kids by making resources available.  We are creating a mobile ready website called BULL-E, that provides k-12 and college students with the opportunity to talk to counselors and other kids who are having the same problem.

Team Hackers

Mentors: Megan clark, Dwayne Perry
Team: Zaire, Kameron, Keyon, Yasmine, Kalen

Project: Green STL

Our purpose is to encourage St. Louis to recycle/upcycle/re-use through interactive challenges.  Green STL is a social media website that helps you interact with other St. Louis citizens to get ideas for upcycling and recycling through different activities.  Users get daily challenge, and you can earn points through activities and daily challenges that can be redeemed at the store.

Team Six Futures

Mentors: Alex Pearson
Team: Mariah, Jalen, Kendall, Chloe, Kennedy

Project: REVAMP

Project Revamp turns vacant buildings into spaces that are occupied by businesses that serve the communities in St. Louis by teaching children and keeping them out of harm’s way.

Team Tech4Affect

Mentors: Wendell Lane, Rick Proctor Jr.
Team: Courtney, Kai, Taylor, Ashuan, Christopher

Project: Affect2Protect

Affect2Protect partners with local businesses to create Safe Havens all over St. Louis.  Our headquarters will be open to all and will offer: life skills classes, mentorship, and a public computer lab.

Team Transcend

Mentors: Sharath Sahadevan, Carlos Tensley
Team: Dwayne, Alex, Langston, Markus, Sam

Project: OnLook

OnLook is a community supported service designed to bring the community together to make every street safe.  It live streams and records security cameras from around St. Louis so that you can help watch and keep people safe.  OnLook will provide safety and security to all for free!