She's Pivotal!

Transforming Who’s Building the World’s Software

On June 9, 2016, Hack4Hope co-chaired the launch of She’s Pivotal: Transforming Who’s Building The World’s Software.

She’s Pivotal is a one-day event exploring exciting opportunities for today’s young women through real world stories and hands-on coding workshops. The event was sponsored by Pivotal in St. Louis. Special shout out to Parkway School District for our tech support!

This event, located at the T-Rex, offered real world stories, inspiration, netwoVrking, and hands-on workshops that explored exciting opportunities for today’s young women in a technological world. This workshop was for all young women who had an interest in the wide variety of careers in technology.

Through the workshop, the young women were encouraged to:

  • Be inspired by successful professional women as they shared opportunities and challenges in building their careers and how they achieved success in a male-dominated environment
  • Gain insight into new and emerging opportunities in technology fields
  • Learn about local resources available to support them in their educational and career goals
  • Network with professionals from many local area companies to learn not only how to network successfully, but also how to leverage those connections to build their own career success
  • Gain hands on experience by participating in our fun, hands-on workshops
  • Learn about valuable local internship opportunities

Check out our keynote speaker, Cornelia Davis, and the promo for

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap

To download information about our self-paced workshops, click HERE.

Please see our blog Small Steps: Introducing Young Women to Technology Careers Early for event background.


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