Hack4Hope 2016 Student Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Hack4Hope!  If you are a student in grades 7 -12 and would like to participate in our Hackathon, please follow our application process outlined on this page.  You must complete THE ENTIRE application – the student portion and the legal guardian permission portion – before your application is complete!

Please allow at least 20 – 30 minutes to complete your application.  To download the entire form (including the legal guardian permission portion) and prepare your responses before entering them, click HERE and check your downloads in your internet browser.

The application form includes many sections and includes an essay question to be reviewed by our staff prior to your acceptance.  You might want to prepare your essay BEFORE you start the application so you can copy/paste your completed essay into the application form.  Keep in mind, there is a reason we are asking you to complete the essay, so please do your best!  (Hint hint!)

The essay may be up to 250 words, and the essay question is:

Please describe life in the St. Louis area for someone your age and what you would change.


You will need your parent or guardian’s help to complete the application process.  You must complete the Student Application, but your parent or guardian must complete the Parent/Guardian Form.