What is Hack4Hope?Helping Hands Small

What: A one day Hackathon that teaches teens skills in technology and entrepreneurship
When: October 1st, 2016
Where: T-Rex, 911 Washington Ave.

Cost: FREE!

What is a Hackathon?

“Hacking” is about exploring the limits of what is possible.  Hackathons gather together young technologists, problem solvers and their mentors in order to brainstorm, design and build a web or mobile app that can change the world, create a business, or both. Our calendar of activities will give students the power to transform their worlds through social innovation, education and technology.

Benefits of Hack4Hope

The following benefits are unique to Hack4Hope.  By focusing on ongoing education and mentorship opportunities, Hack4Hope offers students inroads to innovative technical careers and prepares them for the future.

  • A focus on youth from pre-teen to teen selected from St. Louis neighborhoods specific to low-opportunity environments
  • Partnership with An EPIPHANY Conversation, a film and digital media company nationally recognized for bringing talented youth of color into the spotlight
  • Pre-Hackathon workshop sessions to prep students for a weekend of learning and inspiration
  • A weekend of coding where 50 students are grouped with adult mentors, trained in technology and design, to find team solutions through technology
  • Opportunities presented by local partners to the young coders that will guide them through their college careers
  • Mentorships from local tech startups and IT corporations during Hack4Hope weekend.
  • Peer to peer mentor and internship opportunities during Hack4Hope Academy
  • Post-Hackathon advanced courses in addition to job placement opportunities will be facilitated by An EPIPHANY Conversation
  • The United Way/Service Works to offer continuing education in professional skills development via a 10-module curriculum
  • Students graduate to alumni status of our inaugural Hackathon—with resume training, continuing education in technology, job and internship offers—to return as mentors for future future hacakthon participants
  • Social media account set up as a networking space for participants